Backup File Size Balloons

I’m doing a fair amount of research for a book. The backup files size for the book has remained about 90 MB, but one day BALLOONED to 250 MB+. Since I’m backing up to DropBox, I’m getting warnings telling me I have exhausted my file space and need to buy more.

Rather, I’d like to IDENTIFY the offending files and delete them from my Scrivener research.

How might I access the size of the Scrivener files? That is, how do I see what comprises *.scriv?

Thanks in advance!

There isn’t a way to check for file sizes inside of Scrivener, but it’s pretty easy to use the Finder to get this information. The project you see on your Mac is actually a folder that acts like a file, to open it as a folder, you’ll need to right-click on the project in Finder and select Show Package Contents. From there, drill down into the Files/Docs subfolder. This is where all content in the project is stored. Using Finder you can sort by file size here and identify the worst offenders.

Be careful not to edit or change any of the files in your project package. Use Scrivener to do the editing and removal (it is safe to have it open while a Finder window is open to the project’s internal files, we are just looking after all). To be on the safe side, I’d take a quick backup before showing package contents. The easiest way to do that is within the same right-click menu, choosing the “compress” option. Worst case you can delete the project and then double-click the .zip file to extract a fresh copy.

Another area that can cause bloat is the “Snapshots” folder, at the top level of the project package. If you take tons of snapshots of documents with lots of images, that can bloat things pretty quickly since the text is fully duplicated however many times you snapshot it. The important keyword in there is “images”. If you don’t put a lot of graphics into your text, you can take hundreds of snapshots before getting into trouble. Text is cheap, even rich text.

EXACTLY what I needed to know. Thx!