Backup folder specified in Options seems to be getting ignored

Version: Beta (513567) 64-bit - 29 Mar 2019

I have been using automatic backups on open for a while. I wanted to change the backup folder location, so I specified a new folder in the Backup tab of the options section. The “open backup folder…” button goes to the correct [i.e., new] location. Similarly, when I use the File menu to specify a location for “Back Up -> Back Up To…” it remembers the new location between invocations.

However, automatic backup on open still goes to the old location, and “File -> Back Up Now” still goes to the old location. I don’t know if it’s relevant or not, but the old location was on a network drive, and the new location is on a local disk.

I can’t see any way to change the automatic backups and File->Back Up Now to use the new location. I think they should be using the location specified in the option’s Backup tab, but the seem to be ignoring it.

I managed to “fix” my problem. I manually edited the .scrivx project file and replaced the existing portion with this:

<BackupSettings> <UseCustomFolder>No</UseCustomFolder> <CustomFolder></CustomFolder> </BackupSettings>

Previously, UseCustomFolder was set to Yes and the invalid path was specified as CustomFolder. The backups are working properly now for both on-demand and auto-on-startup, but these two parameters are still as shown above in the .scrivx file.

I’m hoping my manual edit doesn’t break anything…