Backup Function Could Indicate Backing Up & Completed

As my Scrivener project grows bigger and bigger, the backup process takes just a wee bit longer and longer. Not that this is a problem (more takes longer = makes sense to me), but there isn’t any feedback from the program to indicate that “it’s backing up” and “back up is done”.

Instead, when I click backup, nothing appears to happen. However, if I try to click anywhere on the program while it’s still backing up, the program doesn’t respond. If I try to click a few times, the program eventually hits “Not Responding” for a little bit. It makes sense to me that the back up would be a background process that locks Scrivener up (as it probably should), but there’s no visual indicator for the user to stop and wait. And even if the user does stop and waits, there’s no indicator when s/he may resume work (other than to try and click and see if the program is responding / check whether the backup files are done).

I noticed the Compile feature has a progress bar indicator and was wondering if something similar could be incorporated for backup? Or some equivalent telling me to “please wait while I back up” would be nice.