Backup icon in toolbar with option for default path

The tiltel said it all :slight_smile:

Better repeat it here…
Backup icon in toolbar with option for default path.

I think I would make more backups if it only is a click away.


I’ll go a step further. I would like an automatic backup (every x minutes, every session, overwrite or incremental to x copies, etc…), and of course with the zip option.

Just my opinion: I think it is not a very good idea to put too many icons in the toolbar, or it will start becoming distracting. The File menu command, with options in a dialog box, sems fine to me.


Well, it is a luck that each user can determine which icons they want up there…


Yes, an icon for backups would be really helpful and would make it much easier to think about regular backups.

I think Paolo means this…

…is what should be avoided. :slight_smile:

Holy cow! What application has that?

Tao, the insanely powerful outliner that has an interface like a NASA shuttle cockpit.

Actually, it is MORE complicated that a shuttle cockpit. Cockpits don’t scroll. And yes, I do know this for a fact.