Backup Not Working Correctly

I had a post about this a few weeks ago, that is inexplicably deleted chapters, and low it has come to pass that again Scriv has deleted most of the chapters that it could get it hands on. The “File not found” message was particularly infuriating and followed by a some expletive that it’s best that I don’t repeat.

Having fiddled and fiddled (with Scrivener and the backup folder) for about an hour I could only restore from an external HD that I use. What I noticed was that the backup folder on my PC hadn’t backed up correctly. The file size was much smaller than all the others, except for the last time this happened, in July I think it was. So the project wasn’t all there to open.

I don’t know if anyone else has had these failure of backup issues but it is a little worrying and inconvenient. My ‘trust’ in Scrivener is waning to some considerable extent. I’ve now got three projects on the go, all with the same name and I can’t figure out how to get rid of the two I don’t need.

Phew! Thanks I feel a little better now.

We may not be able to determine precisely what happened–although I have my suspicions–but perhaps we can figure out what it is about your operations and/or technical setup that might cause this, and then get you going on best practices. So would first like to gather some info on your setup.

  1. What is complete path to the folder where you store your live project?

  2. What is complete path to the folder where you store your Scrivener backups?

  3. Please upload a snapshot of your backup settings. Alternatively, please provide each of the settings from Tools / Options / Backup.

  4. How do you open your project? (File/Open or File/Recent or navigate to project on your hard drive or double-click on a shortcut pointing to your project on your hard drive or ???)

  5. How often do you close Scrivener?

  6. How many devices do you use to work on the Scrivener project? One PC? One PC + iDevice? Two PCs? Etc.

  7. Have you had any Scrivener crashes? I.e, Scrivener just shuts down unexpectedly?

  8. Have you had any PC crashes while using Scivener? Blue screen, power failure, etc.?

  9. Which cloud services do you use, if any?

Let’s start with those. :smiley:

I’m having the same problem. I did have a power outage while the program was open and when I went back and tried to open my manuscript (30 chapters!) all I got was a truncated version of the first paragraph. I don’t think I caught the “abort backup” command quickly enough and that truncated version became the only thing I could open. I went into the Scrivener Manual and a truncated version-- about half a page-- of that became my manuscript apparently. When I went into the backup files they all seemed to be the cut-off manual page. I was unable to open the one backup copy from the day before, which may be the last surviving copy of my novel in the backup files. I’d be having a heart attack about now except I have emailed copies of the project to myself every couple weeks or so. I have Carbonite, too, but I’m afraid whatever copy they currently have is the screwed up one.
I don’t even want to try to open any of those emailed copies again after I couldn’t get one to open in Scrivener at all. I’m thinking the program itself got fried in the power outage. I was thinking of uninstalling Scrivener and reinstalling it from the disc, but I have an old version from 2012. So maybe I should get the updated version? Would that even work?
If I don’t get a response here in a day or so I’ll email tech support. Trying not to have a full-blown panic attack in the meantime…