Backup Now/To vs Automatic Backup

I’ve started working in Scrivener 3 and I have to say I really like the new look and feel so far. I read the Upgrade Guide to get me up to speed. All very well done.

In Scrivener 1 I used to limit myself tot 5 backups, not zipped. That would mean there would be Project.bak1, Project.bak2 etc. This would include both my manual and automatic backups, if I remember correctly.
In Scrivener 3 the manual Backups have a timestamp by default (it says so even in the manual). The automatic Backups can also get a timestamp, if you choose so, but those timestamps look different.

Obviously not a big deal, and maybe even a good thing to separate between manual and automatic backups. I just wanted to know if I’m missing a way of making all backups look similar.

P.S. It’s very well possible that I don’t recall correctly and that even in Scrivener 1 there was a difference between automatic and manual backup-names.

Both the manual backup names and the automatic backup names are configurable. I don’t have the Windows version in front of me at the moment, but the automatic backup names are set in the Backup options pane, and the manual backup names are set when you create the backup.

That’s exactly the case. They use a different naming scheme because manually created backups are a tool for you to create hard milestone backups that aren’t going to go away if you go through a few sessions in a week. If they used the same naming scheme then they would be at risk of being deleted if the datestamp option was set for automatic backups. We also don’t expect you to put them in the same backup folder—though you can of course do so if you please, there is no risk in doing so.

If you really do want to create a manual backup that will eventually be rotated out, that is exactly what the Back Up Now command is for. (The other thing that command is for is currently not working—and that is to create an automatic backup for projects that wouldn’t normally do so, in their Project Settings).

This was the same in v1 as well.

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Aha, now I understand why I was confused. I’d thought that Backup To and Backup Now were basically the same thing, the only difference being that with Backup To you can choose the destination, but I was wrong. With Backup Now you backup to the same location as the automatic backups, which causes them to be rotated out along with those automatic backups, while the Backup To is used to make a different kind of milestone backup. Gotcha. It says so in the manual too, I just missed it by glancing over that chapter too quickly. I never used Backup To before (I make my milestone backups after each monthly meeting with my constant reader, just by copy-pasting the updated version in my ‘vault’-folder ; ) ), also not in V1, so the difference was never an issue. All clear now!

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