Backup now -- visual confirmation

Hi there.
Nothing that really qualifies as an issue here, but I would like it if a visual confirmation could be added to Scrivener’s routine when using the “backup now” feature.
I have a couple of projects that are in their early stage (not that many words yet), and for which doing the backup is so fast that the progress bar doesn’t even appear on screen.
As it turns out, it kind of often worries me, and I end up going to my backup folder just to make sure everything went through just fine with the said backup.

No need for anything fancy, the same kind of visual confirmation already in place for snapshots (added in the corner as an extra to the progress bar) would do perfectly.
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I don’t even care to say how many times I’ve done just that, for lack of feedback. :slight_smile: This is a good idea I think, even for cases where the project is large enough that you get a progress bar.


Yeah. (Maybe not as purposeful as for when there is no progress bar showing up, but still, yes, since it doesn’t harm the workflow in any way, better have it as an extra confirmation in this case too.)
And perhaps the box could read something like : “Backup complete”,
and appear only after the backup is done. (Not before ; not during.)
Which would work for both cases; not only letting the user know that he or she didn’t accidentally click beside the button for one, but also therefore confirming that the process went through properly.

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Just an additional thought that came to me this morning.
I can only speak for myself, but often, if, for e.g., I want to go grab myself a coffee, I’ll launch the backup now procedure and leave my desk.
So perhaps it would be interesting to have the confirmation display to stick on screen until the user interacts with Scrivener again (mouse click or kb). And only then the fade-out timer for the confirmation display would kick in. (That would make the display appearing as an extra to the progress bar quite purposeful…)
In other words, if you left for a few minutes, the overlay would still be visible when you return, and would then fade out – on its own – as you start working again.
→ I would personally prefer LL not to make the confirmation display be a dialog (no OK button to click), but it wouldn’t be a big deal even so.

This sounds a lot like one of notification types in Mac OS which applications can produce… I wouldn’t mind a notification from Scrivener for backups being completed, which can persist even after the program quits, if I allow it.

I don’t tend to allow the notification for when I meet my word goal*, but a backup notification would be nice.

*On a number of occasions, I’ve reached 1999 words, and then struggled with the last word choice of my 2000 word goal. I type a word. “Goal achieved!” and party balloons drop from the ceiling. Then I delete it, and Scrivener tears down the “CONGRATULATIONS” banner and eyes me with disdain. I hastily add another word or two. Party balloons! I delete the entire sentence… and the cycle continues.

LL would more than likely make it optional anyways. – Just like for the snapshot feature I used in my first post.
(It’s a big place, not everybody likes everything :wink: )

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