"Backup Project To..."

Just more of an FYI than anything: I was still messing around and learning the tool the other day when I (don’t ask me why) thought "what would happen if I tried to “Backup Project To…” the file I already had open. Well, it told me that I already had a file by that name and did I want to overwrite it? I clicked YES and my file disappeared! I mean, it’s GONE. Nowhere to be found on my computer. Luckily, I was not working on my actual manuscript.

This isn’t not a common thing people do; I mean if you already have a file open, you’d normally just click “SAVE”. But, word to the wise! :wink:

Yikes! That’s not an FYI - that’s a bug, and a nasty one. Thanks for locating it and posting it. I’ve fixed it for the next free update - if you try to back up over the open project in the next update, you will be told that the backup failed for that reason.