Backup Restore

It would be great to have a button or link to restore the backup copies that have been made. I lost some very important writing. The only way that I was able to restore my writing was to decompress the backup file and then find the correct document in the docs folder and then copy and paste the data. I found this to be very cumbersome and a waste of valuable time. I could not restore the references. I had to figure out the references from my research to restore them. Hence, a backup restore would do all of the above process for you and save the writer time. Thanks, John

Once you uncompress the backup, open it in Scrivener (just like any other project). With your main (non backup) project open at the same time, drag any documents you need from the binder of the backup to the binder of the main project. Most associated information will come over to the destination project, including references, document notes, inspector footnotes, etc…

Thanks, I will try your suggestion next time when I need to restore the lost information.

Though Mr. Guthrie offered a better solution than the one JMW used I would still like to see a “Restore from backup” function in the File menu. It just strikes me as odd that there isn’t one. I would also like the restore function to allow the user to chose whether to restore specific files or to restore the whole project.

Agreed. It would make life easier for the writer in a panic over potentially lost work.

I was just about to post on this very thing, and found this thread on a search for threads with Restore in the title, as it really is such an obvious and relatively simple idea. So I’ll piggyback on this thread instead of starting a new one.

A basic “Restore From Backup” feature would:

  • Let user select a backup archive from the specified backup directory, and have Scrivener unzip and fully restore it as a live project, leaving the zip file untouched in the bak folder.

  • By default, the backup would be restored to its original folder, and given a project name the same as that of the backup itself, e.g., ProjectName.bak2014-03-08T11-22, which insures easy and consistent (and conflict-free) identification.

That alone would take care of the basic mechanics of safely and efficiently accessing a backup as a live project, making it much easier to do so. (Doing this manually isn’t difficult, but it’s also not remotely fun.)

Beyond this basic level, a few enhancements immediately come to mind:

  • Choice of restore folder and restore name

  • Option to launch the restored project after restoration.

  • Option to replace the current project with the restored bak – same folder, same project name – with confirmation prompts appropriate for such a major procedure. (This possibly couldn’t and probably shouldn’t be done while the current project is open, which suggests that a Restore Project command should be made available from the New Project window as well as from the File menu of open projects.)

  • Alternate to the above: The option to rename the current project’s folder (e.g., ProjectName - orig), and give the base project name to the restored backup. (This too is easy to do manually, and is how I’ve handled full restores the couple of times I’ve done them… but this is a wish list after all.)

Other, more esoteric functions come to mind (file-level project compare!) but isn’t that always the case?