Backup size change

Last week I moved my backup directory from Dropbox to a folder within documents. This week I notice that, since that time, my backups have been 66mb vs 3.4mb previously.

The backup directory was the only change I made.

What could have caused this sudden jump in file size?


John Pearce
Sarasota, FL

That’s quite a massive change - have you imported any research documents since then? Just changing the backup directory would have no affect on file size.
All the best,

Good analysis on your part – I unzipped and opened the container and found in it the “Missing Manual” for Lion – 60MB. I probably tried to drag something else to research and got it by mistake.

I had to delete it in the scrip container because I couldn’t find it in the project, but Scrivener opened and backed up thereafter so no damage.

My last backup is still a little large, but I suspect it’s from the same cause. I’ll look when I get a chance.

Thanks again. Great program.

John Pearce