Backup to OneDrive

When I close a project in Scrivener a window no longer pops up to indicate a backup is being created. Does this mean a backup isn’t being created and I need to create it manually each time?
Also, can I link my project backups to my OneDrive.
Is it possible to automatically back up on my hard drive + create a backup on OneDrive?
I have Windows 11 installed.
Thanks for your help

You can save a backup most anywhere, including OneDrive.

Have you checked your options to ensure backup on close is selected?

Easy way to check, find the backup path in options then look for the backup files, checking dates.

It’s in File > Options > Backup. :smiley:

Thanks for your replies.
I have checked and both ‘Turn on automatic backups’ and ‘Backup on project close’ are ticked.
I made a small change to the text, saved it and closed it.
Then checked the backup folder.
It is there but the box appearing to show it is backing up did not appear again.
I prefer to have the pop up box appear each time - it’s reassuring.

You won’t always see the box, particularly for smaller projects, where the zip process happens very quickly.

It’s a good idea anyway to check your backup folder when you close your project, to ensure that a backup was created. If you enable File > Options > Backup > Use date in file names and sort the backup folder by modified date ascending, then the latest backup will always be at the top of the folder, making it a quick process to determine that the backup was done.