Backup when closing Scrivener doesn't work

When I close Scrivener, it tells me the backup location is inaccessible or there is insufficient space. I’ve tried various places on my hard drive, none of them works. And of course I have plenty of space!
What am I doing wrong?
Thank you!

It could be Windows security settings or anti-virus software preventing Scrivener from creating the backup. Take a look in the Windows settings and your anti-virus software and see if you can change any options that might be blocking Scrivener. Quite often there is a log of what has been blocked.

I agree with RobG that it could be your AV being overly protective.

Using Back Up To (File > Back Up > Back Up To), try to save your backup to a few different locations on your PC, to see if you can find anywhere that actually works.

Be sure to enable the Backup as ZIP file option.


Thanks for your help!

I found the solution, but it was a tricky one, and I suppose it’s a mistake of Scrivener:
Changing the backup location via File->Options doesn’t work, I had to change it via Project->Project Settings.
The former backup-location field seems to be just “decoration” without any actual effect.

The Project Setting, if there is one, overrides the Scrivener-wide setting. That’s the expected behavior, not a bug.