Backups and icloud

First of all thanks for a brilliant app that is always rock solid and never let me down over 9 years of undergraduate and post-graduate study.

Here’s the question:
Is it ok to backup projects to icloud or is there an issue with the restoration of the project should something go wrong?

As a long time user of Scrivener on the Mac and have lots of journalling and research stored in one huge project - several Gb. I have plenty of storage space on icloud (upgrade) but am running out on dropbox and don’t really want to upgrade unless I have to.

To be clear I am not talking about syncing - I have a monthly working journal project set up for that which I import to the main project when complete.

Any help would be appreciated
Kind regards to all

Zip:ed backups can be stored anywhere, including iCloud drive, but not your live, active project.
Zip it and everything should be fine

Thanks for that.