Backups and Temp files

I’m still working out if I want to use this product or not, and I was just playing around with it when I discovered something:

If backups are turned on, every single time you open a project with Scrivener, and I mean EVERY time, a COMPLETE copy of the entire directory, every file, every picture, everything, is copied into the C:\Users\MYUSER\AppData\Local\Temp directory. And these temp files are never deleted by Scrivener.

Not only is this incredibly insecure (I keep my writing encrypted for reasons I’m not going to go into), but if you have a bunch of big projects, with a lot of graphical data, that could rack up a LOT of space in just a few days.

Let’s say, for instance, that I have a project with 50 MB of data. If I open it ten times, that’s 500 MB of space taken up on my C drive. My C drives are not designed as data drives, so there’s not a lot of excess space. Work on a project for six months, especially if you open the thing more than once a day, and it REALLY adds up.

Is there a setting (other than turning off backups complete) that forces Scrivener to delete those temp files? Otherwise I’d have to say that this is an actual bug.


I agree. I also posted about this problem here. Too many Scriv temp files causes my computer to crash. :confused: