Backups: backup.scriv vs

I’ve been a long time user of Scrivener and absolutely love it. I just recently bought the iOS version for a more mobile writing experience (love it so far). However, because I’ve been using it since version 1, I have a lot of old projects and project backups and I’m unsure of what to do. My primary machine will be iOS, but I am running it on the Mac.

My main question is: do I need to keep my projectname_backup.scriv or are they outdated? I know I have a new backup location that saves them as and I wanted to know the difference. I have kept the backup.scriv for now in a separate dropbox folder, because the iOS version gets cluttered with too many projects.

Thanks in advance!

Worst case, you can open both types of files and see what’s in them.

The project format changed between version 1.54 and version 2.0 (for compatibility with Windows Scrivener), and then again with version 2.7 (for compatibility with iOS Scrivener). Mac Scrivener can still open and convert both previous formats, but iOS Scrivener can only open the current 2.7+ format. iOS Scrivener can’t open ZIP files at all, so you may want uncompressed backups if that’s going to be your primary device. (Neither can Mac Scrivener, but Mac Finder can.)

What to keep is really up to you. Some people keep everything, including backups. Some people toss the backups once the project itself is final, but keep the final version of the project indefinitely. Some people throw out everything more than X years old.

For future proof-ness, it wouldn’t hurt to open everything in the most recent version of Mac Scrivener, thereby converting to the new project format. The conversion process will create a backup, so you won’t lose anything in the unlikely but possible event that the conversion fails.


Thanks Katherine. I’ll keep them in a separate folder for now and work on figuring out later which ones I’ll need.

Just for reference, the under the Backup Tab are the newest version of backups in the latest Mac version, correct?

Should be. Check the dates.