Backups when using Mac and Iphone and Drop box

I am getting really confused as I like to use my laptop during the day and my iphone at night. I haven’t a clue where I need to save what and where the Iphone back up goes.

I am working on a few projects. I am saving them mainly, or completely in Dropbox.
I set up a “My Writing” folder in Dropbox. And each project had its own folder.
When I went to my iphone to pickup where i left off I couldn’t find my project and there wasn’t any options to go looking within the mobile Scrivener programme.
Next day I moved all my projects over to Apps - Scrivener and saved them in there.
I opened one of the files I moved and the programme told me off for saving it there as that should only be for the backups.
But when I go to my phone I can actually see that project.
So I am going back and forth with my documents.

So I think that the BACK UPs are saved in the Scrivener app on drop box.

So where do i put the working document so I can work on it with my phone and have it added to the project on my computer the next day?

Leave your working projects right where you had them, in the Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener folder.

On the Mac, go to Scrivener → Preferences → Backups and move your automatic backups to any other folder of your choice. (Personally, I’d recommend storing them somewhere other than Dropbox, so a single event can’t affect both your original projects and your backups.)

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… because My Writing was not a subfolder of Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener — the default location for files in iOS Scrivener. It can be changed to Dropbox/My Writing, but you’d need to do that in the iOS app.

Just the opposite. Scrivener doesn’t want backups in a folder with projects.

… because Scrivener allows putting backups and projects together after warning you not to. It’s not a good idea, though.

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