Backward and Forward Arrows Reveal Path.

Just like the Backward and Forward arrows in Safari, is it possible for the arrows in Scrivener to reveal the path of documents I’ve used? I am finding that I click on them to find a document that I was working on more than 3 paths back and instead of finding them in sub-folders in my binder, I’d love to see them in a popup on the arrows themselves.

Thanks all!


I’m not quite sure what you mean… The Back and Forward arrows in Safari don’t show anything like that for me - the tooltip just says “Show the previous page” etc. Could you give more information, and tell me how I can see it in Safari?


I think the original poster is looking for the Click-and-Hold feature that is common to browsers these days. If you click and hold on either the forward or back button you get a short list (usually they truncate at ten or so), essentially a visual history. You can then jump straight backward or forward more than one step at a time.

A-ha. That’s pretty cool! I’ll add that to the list of possibilities for 2.0. It’s a good idea (though as usual I can’t promise anything).
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