Backwards compatibility

Hi. Please can you tell me if Scrivener 1.9 will work OK on Windows XP? (I know, I know, but I like it.) Also will it work with my old Scrivener ( files? And also with .doc files (ie not docx)?
A totally brilliant program by the way. Only problem is I cannot now do without it!
Many thanks

yes (you will have to "upgrade your older Scrivener files, but works beautifully)
and yes

I also LOVE XP and refuse to switch. I have to use 7 or 8 at work and loathe it

The cybercriminals and vandals of the world love XP too. Me, I love my data integrity more.

Ooh, so very sorry to have offended your “data integrity.” :unamused:
But not to worry; ain’t in the least bit interested in any data you may/may not have.
Enjoy Win 10

I wasn’t saying you were.

However, the Internet is not a vacuum; everyone who chooses to run an unpatched and unsupported OS for their convenience and still participate in network traffic – especially a platform with several known and actively exploited severe vulnerabilities – is offering up their system as a host to further malware, including those that can be run as part of a botnet. In essence, they are saying their convenience is more important than the good of the group. Now, that’s a perfectly valid position to take, but don’t be surprised if it wins you few friends.

Windows XP advocacy is essentially anti-vaxxer advocacy for the Internet.

I am suitably chastised and will obey all your admonitions :unamused:

Who is making admonitions? You expressed your opinion about your preferences for your system (you run XP because you hate 7 and 8 and 10), I expressed my preferences for my system (I like having regular security patches to help protect my data), and then you somehow took that as an attack and it’s gone down Snark Trail from there.

Not cool to jump in that way, Sparky! Give the person credit for knowing what she’s doing. I share her loathing for Win7 (although I have it on two laptops). I bought a lovely little ThinkPad X130e last month for netbook use, with Win7 installed. It drags the ThinkPad’s performance down noticeably. I did a dual-boot install of Debian 8.3 Linux, and the X130e runs much faster, much snappier, than under Win7.

As for Win10, I’ve had to literally perform an exorcism on the netbook to remove a forced upgrade to Win10 that was hanging fire through a sneak attack of so-called “security” patches. I very much resent the MS attitude that they can “inject” a “free upgrade*” against my will. As a result, I’ve had to install a barrier app to forestall further malware instrusions in the guise of MS security patches to re-inject a Win10 upgrade, and this means that possibly valid security patches are no longer trusted, and not allowed. Cool move, MS!

I also have XP running on older working computers, and I too know what I’m doing. We’ve suffered no virus, no malware, no attacks. And we’re no threat to your security, so relax. Seriously, if we want such unwanted advice, we could go back on Usenet to dance with the trolls.

Also, you said:

Let’s back up and think about that for a minute. How many security patches has MS sent down the wire since XP arrived; since Vista; since Win7; since Win8; since Win8.1; and now with the on-going Beta version of Win10? Do you honestly think that attacks against these systems DO NOT occur until MS officially acknowledges them with a monthly Tuesday patch day? That you have not had your bare rear end hanging out there with everyone else thanks to dozens if not the hundreds of vulnerabilities in EVERY version of Windows OS, past and present? It rings a little hollow for MS users to echo the FUD** of trusted computing when they are running a proven unsafe and unfit for purpose OS! Shot full of holes until MS finally find’s 'em and plugs 'em. But in the meantime, you say yer safe, Sparky?

*Free Upgrade=>a “free” upgrade that removes and nullifies the Windows 7 validation code! What happens when the “free” period ends this summer?

**FUD=>Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. An established method of forcing an upgrade purchase.

No, you did not express your preferences. You scolded like a maiden schoolmarm in a cheap TV Western, accusing anyone on XP being as stupid as an anti-vaxxer.
Not cool, particularly since I was responding to a query from someone else who wanted to know if the latest Scrivener was compatible with XP.
This is not a Microsoft forum. Correct?

I agree 100%

XP is not broken for me. Until it is, I see no reason to change.
My boyfriend does a lot of programming and knows many programmers; they also love XP.
Strangely enough, none of them are cyber-criminals, cretins, or anti-vaxxers.

No, XP is far from broken. And according to reports (see for IT pro opinions) more than ten percent of the Windows users are still running XP. Of course, the same caution as all other Win installs must be exercised. We all know that.

My caution extended to setting my wife up with dual-boot operating systems on both her Desktop and Laptop computers. Both are older machines but work just fine! The desktop computer runs a $2,500 embroidery and sewing program for her computerized sewing machine, and we cannot just “upgrade” that program to suit Microsoft demands!

For her online banking, real estate, and other critically sensitive sites, I’ve got her running Debian 8.3 Linux. As a dual-boot install, she fires that up to do her critical stuff. For her sewing & creative work, she boots into XP, but does not go online. Her laptop is set up the same way, and she does the great majority of her web browsing and email using Firefox web browser in Linux. Nice n’ easy. Linux has come light-years from where it was a few years ago. I’ve also set several Seniors up (we’re seniors, too) with Linux installs for web, email, and word processing (Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice). None have complained yet.


The plural of “anecdote” is not “data.”

Ah, reading comprehension, a lost skill. You stated your opinion. I stated mine. You mis-read what I said as somehow an attack on you. THEN I unrolled my full feelings about XP, including the metaphor to anti-vaxxers.

And for the record, since you apparently decided to misunderstand what I was say there as well, I wasn’t saying that people running XP are stupid. I didn’t say that anti-vaxxers are stupid. The word “stupid” appeared nowhere in anything I wrote until now when I quoted YOU. I WAS, however, drawing a parallel between the active advocacy of both positions – that they are based more on feeling than empirical data but clothe themselves in pseudo-scientific language, thereby increasing the likelihood of leading otherwise smart people down a bad path.

I have over two decades as an IT professional, where my co-workers and I regularly have to contain and clean up the messes caused by programmers and other people who think they understand computer security and continue to use obsolete operating systems. Programmers are some of the worst power users as far as actually understanding the holistic system consequences of the configuration choices they make and additional software they install in the name of convenience.

The number of actively engaged, unpatched, severe flaws in XP is a matter of public record. The security holes in XP have directly been one of the top five drivers of outage time in the last several years in my customer environments, right behind Flash (cross-platform security trainwreck), Java (cross-platform security trainwreck), and a couple other browser-related issues. People who run more modern versions of Windows, actually use the recommended settings, and update regularly tend to have most of the current security bugs mitigated. Again, that can be substantiated by looking at the actual data – core Windows bugs compared to core OS bugs on other platforms, bugs from applications (like Flash and Java) vs. core OS bugs, etc.

EVERY operating system has holes, yes, but the Linux and Apple communities don’t have the same fringe of people who insist on using ten+ year old operating system versions that are no longer actively maintained and yet think that every new application is still just going to work.

That may not be stupidity. Many of the people who take that stance with XP are otherwise smart people. But it IS shortsighted, unrealistic, and ignorant of the realities of the cost and time involved in retrofitting security patches down to multiple codebases. At some point, the price you paid for the operating system no longer covers the work involved.

This is where I stop listening to ANYTHING you have to say, since you saw fit to lead with a personal insult.

Oh, I will point out that your hypocrisy is overwhelming – you accuse me of spreading “FUD” when talking about publicly available data on Windows security holes and then justify your pro-XP position with sensationalist conspiracy theorist muckraking about the Windows 10 upgrade.

FUD you, buddy.

Stick to programming. It’s what you do best :unamused:


Could we cool it with the personal insults, please?


PS Though phrased politely, this is not a request.

Thank you! I thoroughly agree,

Deleted for instigation. – kewms

Katherine, I apologize to you and the other readers for not reacting well to having words put into my mouth, and for the actual times I did insult people. There are lots of programmers out there who don’t deserve it.

I think we’re done here. I’m closing this thread.