Bad allocation error during compile

I’d been doing a series of compiles to check how the document would appear when compiled, and after adding another page and compiling I received a bad allocation message (std:bad_alloc). As the Compile button was greyed out, I closed Scrivener and restarted it. Same result.

The scrivx size is 272Kb, and I have plenty of RAM free.

Just to make sure there was no corrupted memory, I rebooted my PC. The problem remains.

This sounds like a bug we’ve fixed for an upcoming release, caused by a page break immediately followed by a document compiling only empty lines or by a document that starts with a table. For the moment you can fix this by removing the blank lines in the editor (e.g. accidental empty lines added to a folder’s text), changing the page break settings to avoid setting a page break before one of the trigger documents, or adding some text to be compiled between the page break and the table (e.g. include the document title).

Yes, I included a blank frontispiece with a page break before.

Thanks for the explanation.