Bad Download

Scrivener doesn’t seem to be working the way I see it in screen shots and youtube. I can find no way to open that third window on the right hand side to access outlining, characters, etc.

Hello there Mcgrew,
If you mean the inspector window, which is pretty much the third window on the right. It is the blue circle with the i inside it on the far right. This can then be toggled at the bottom right for notes, keywords ect.

Outlining is controlled by the 3-section toolbar button. Characters info is often just kept in files located in the binder (the left-most pane)… so I’m not sure what you’re referring to.

I recommend going to Help->Interactive Tutorial, which is just a project that has instructions in it to give you a self-guided tour through Scrivener. You can stop it and close the project any time–it will open where you left off. But the first few sections should show you how to access whatever part of Scrivener you are having trouble with, and will also introduce you to the terms for each piece of the Scrivener window. That will help you ask questions in the jargon forum members and technical staff will immediately understand.

Once you get a handle on the major features of Scrivener, I’m sure you’ll love it.