Bad formatting for Nook

I’m wondering if anyone else has problems with this.

In exporting my manuscript as ebooks, I’m able to get perfect formatting when using .mobi files on Kindle and Kindle app, etc. When exporting .epub, however, everything looks fine in iBooks but when I put the file on a Nook (it’s an older model–dont’ have a new one to check it), the formatting is weird. The cover thumbnail doesn’t show up at all, and chapter headings appear on different page. Can’t figure out why this would happen.

Thanks in advance.

For Nook, you’ll want to make two changes to the compile settings:

  1. In the Cover pane, disable the “For reading in iBooks only” checkbox.
  2. In Layout, enable the “Include standard Adobe Digital Editions page template”.

Incidentally, you can use Adobe’s free ADE reader for proofing Nook. They both use the same rendering engine, so it’s a pretty good preview. Probably not 100%, but close enough to get the majority of the wrinkles ironed out before using the Nook device to final testing. They also have a Nook simulator you can download which will probably be even better, and let you see what things look like on newer devices.

I’m not sure if that will resolve the chapter headings issue. I’m not clear on what you mean by them showing up on a different page. Do you mean you’re getting the chapter heading on its own page by itself?

Thanks for the info. I’ll try that.

And, yes, it’ll say CHAPTER ONE on one page, and then the chapter will start on the next page, rather than the chapter heading being on the same page as the beginning of the chapter.

Okay the section break after title problem sounds more like a compile setting gone awry. Check in the Separators pane, and check how section breaks are generated against your Binder outline. Usually one only needs a text/folder section break. That will cut to a new section at the start of the folder but not after it, thus if the folder is generating the chapter title, you’ll get a chapter title on a new page with the text directly following. That’s for a typical “chapter folder” + “scene files” layout though, so if you’re doing something different you may need to tweak things a bit here. A common alternative is just a flat list of “chapter files”. In that case you would just want a section break in between text files and nowhere else.

The separator settings are correct.

So, the above advice fixed the chapter heading formatting issue. But I still don’t know why my cover isn’t showing up.

Interesting that the stylesheet had an impact on breaks, glad that’s resolved. I’m not sure about the thumbnail, are you using anything unusual like SVG, or is the cover graphic itself unusually large or tall/wide? As far as I know, the Nook is entirely responsible for handling the thumbnail, using the cover image you specify. You could check and see if the “Cover” navigation option on the Nook takes you to the graphic and that it looks okay there. If it doesn’t display properly at full size either, you may need to save the file to a different format (JPEG should suffice).

It doesn’t display at all, and I’m not doing anything special. It may be slightly wider than most ebook covers (it’s just a temporary cover). I have the cover in my Scrivener project. It’s selected in the Cover section of the Compile screen when I export as an ePub. It doesn’t display in the Adobe ADE either. If I bring the ePub into Calibre, the cover displays.

Okay, that is potentially telling. When I compile a test ePub with a JPEG cover image, it will show up in ADE in the first page slot, directly before contents with default settings. What are you getting, just a blank page here, or no page at all prior to contents?

In ADE, there is a blank page at the start. And the thumbnail in the library is blank. On the Nook itself, the first page is also blank, and there is a generic thumbnail with the title on it. The image is definitely a jpeg, though.

Is the JPEG file something you could attach so I could test it? If you’d rather do so privately, feel free to e-mail it in to our support address, with a link to this forum thread so they know who to direct it to. Or if it is easier, just zip up a copy of the whole project and send that in. You can export the cover graphic from the Binder with the File/Export/Files… command.

Okay, I sent the email with the attached graphic to the Mac Support address.