Bad HTML generated for bullet list, also appears as numbered list KF8/MOBI compile, Scrivener 3.0.1

Sorry if this has already been reported.

The line in a BULLET list looks like this in Scrivener:

when compiled looks like this:

The list starts with an ol tag with the generated html being broken, looking like this:

<li>style="color: #000000"> • Registers seen by the programmer:</span></li>

I’m even more confused today! I realized that bullet lists worked fine before, just not in text section that I just started writing in (it was empty and imported from Scrivener 2). I happened to notice that the tab stops in the ruler were different in this section than in the others with working bullet lists. So I did a copy formatting, paste formatting into the new section, removed and recreated the lists. Other text sections, imported from Scrivener 2 or not, appear fine. It’s just this one. I’m feeling a bit uneasy.

This should already be fixed for the next update, as I found a bug that would cause this a week or two ago. However, if you can make a sample project available then I can double-check that my fix does indeed address this.

Thanks and all the best,

This will show the problem: (286 KB)

Thanks. This works fine in my 3.0.2 build, so I can confirm that this is fixed for the next update.

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