Bad PDF's

In the last few weeks, which seems to represent the move to 2.0.5 (Mac, latest Snow Leopard), I have been having problems with bad PDF generation.

I’m using the same workflow I always do, compile for PDF and then save as PDF, the project has NO changes from before. But now these PDFs seem to be crashing the PDF readers on various people’s machines, and can no longer process them. They do open fine in preview. But it will crash Acrobat when I move to page 2.

Is there some new bug introduced?

Andy Gavin

I also went to try in 2.0.4 (I have that on my laptop). A PDF from the same project there doesn’t crash Acrobat (like the 2.0.5 PDF does), but does give a warning about “can’t extract the embedded font” and looks really bad in Acrobat. It looks fine in preview.

Any ideas? This really blows my workflow, as I send PDF and print from the all the time (lulu). Rendering it out through doc/rtf adds greatly to the complexity of the workflow, and will undoubtedly lay things out differently. Lulu won’t read your doc files either properly. It never has.

I don’t use the MultiMarkDown flow at all. It’s sufficiently complex (and reminds me of using LaTex in grad school – shudder) that the 4 hours I invested to learn it yielded no results and I gave up out of bordom/frustration. And I am a programmer :slight_smile:

And if I try and “save as Adobe PDF” (with 2.0.5) it has the same screwed up look that the 2.0.4 version has in Acrobat. But this PDF has it in preview too (the “Adobe PDF”). Italics is replaced by garbage bullets, and there are some others scattered through the text.

I’m using Arno as my main text font (and have been for 6 months). If I switch it to New Times Roman, there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Have you recently upgraded to 10.6.7? There were some font issues with that OS X update which I do not believe have yet been resolved. The reason I ask is that Arno Pro is one of the vulnerable font types impacted by this bug. Any Postscript font encapsulated in an OpenType container type is at risk. TNR is not one of those as it is encapsulated TrueType. This is very likely a problem in your OS or with anything that tampers with the OS PDF generator. Once Scrivener passes off the compiled manuscript to the system print, anything you do from that point on is in the hands of OS X, including saving the print job as a PDF.

Yes, I am on 10.6.7 (I’m always on the most current). This could very well be, the timing is about “wrong” for that. Any idea of that is going to be fixed? And how I would tell which fonts have the problem?


Use FontBook to check the type of format a font is designed in. To do this, select a font and press Cmd-I. Toward the top (fifth row for me) is a “Kind” row. What you want to watch out for is “OpenType PostScript”, which is unfortunately a common type amongst professional foundries.

I’ve not heard anything about a fix for this from Apple (but to be honest I haven’t looked to hard since my computer seems to be immune to the bug). They generally don’t talk about minor OS upgrades.

I wonder if Apple regards it as a bug. It certainly produces crappy PDFs :frowning:

Apple seemed to fix this today with a “snow leopard font update” (via the updater).