Bad table of contents in Kindle export

I’m trying to create a mobipocket file with Scrivener, but I can’t get the ToC to work properly. No matter what I try, there’s only one entry in the ToC. The other chapter’s won’t show up. :cry:

Is this a problem of the kindlegen program provided by Amazon, or is Scrivener at fault?

How have you set up the export? You need to ensure that the files you want to have included in the ToC have their titles included, otherwise there will be nothing to place in the ToC. You can send me your project and I’ll take a look if you want, but first just check the “Formatting” pane of the Compile options to ensure that each document you want in the ToC has some form of title included.
All the best,

Thank you Keith for taking the time to sort this out. I just found out that I have to set up “section breaks” in the “Seperators” dialog. Shouldn’t this be switched on for ebooks by default?

What do you mean by automatically? Do you mean they should be changed when you select an e-book format from the “Compile For” menu? If so, then no - it would be bad if Scrivener started playing with all the compile settings whenever you chose a different file format, and besides, there are many different structures and set-ups you can employ, so there’s no way for Scrivener to know which documents you want section breaks between for your particular set-up.

Anyway, yes, sorry, I should have said that you need section breaks - I completely forgot that. The ToC does indeed only show the titles of different sections at this point.

Thanks and all the best,