Bad text rendering in fullscreen mode


sometimes I get a bad rendering of text in fullscreen mode.

I made a screenshot:

This is on PowerBook G4 with Mac OS X 10.4.8

BTW: I was not able to insert the image here.

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See … highlight=

Are you using the latest version of Scrivener (beta 5)?

Hmm. If you ARE using beta 5 (which partly fixed this problem), it may be that this is a bug with the Cocoa text system rather than Scrivener specifically. Certainly, earlier betas made the problem worse, but I think I fixed it (mostly) for beta 5. However, you can see this problem in Nisus Writer and other Cocoa apps in some situations, which makes me think that the problem may lie deeper than Scrivener’s implementation.

That said, what scale text are you using? (In earlier betas, the problem affected non-100% text.) And are you definitely using beta 5?


Yes I am using beta 5 and the scale was 150 %.