Bad translation

Scrivener has the option to change the language but if you set it to Dutch (Nederlands) the menu’s are only partly translated and there are some terrible errors. For instance:

  • ‘Export’ in the File menu is translates as ‘Toevoegen’ which means actually ‘Add’ in Dutch.
  • 'Character map; in the menu Edit is translated as ‘Personage kaart’ which actually means something as a car to describe the character of a person
  • 'Corkboard options’in the menu View is translated ‘Prikbord opties’ which actually means ‘Bulletin board options’

So my suggestion is to make sure you have a complete and right translation for Dutch or leave out the option ‘Nederlands’ as language for Scrivener altogether.

Hi RuudOverdijk, the Scrivener for Windows translations are provided by enthusiast from the community for free. The Dutch translation is provided from Dirk Vermeir(You can check the About box for credits). We agree the translations can be improved a lot, and we cannot verify them all ourselves. We blindly trust the community translation. If you feel like you can contribute into making the translations better, we can forward you the Dutch translation files, so that anyone else in the future can benefit from your fixes. This is true for any language.