Bar tab for Linux version

I know I’m not very active on this forum. I’m busy with my books. :slight_smile:

What I would suggest though, hence my post here, that those of us Linux users who use Scrivener put something in the jar for the devs to thank them for their work on this Linux version.

I’ve bought a Windows License just for this purpose. While I don’t run Windows, I want to encourage and thank everyone here (particularly Lee) for giving me this version. I don’t know what I’d do without Scrivener.

So, my suggestion is that maybe the devs could put a donation button somewhere, or that us users go and buy a windows license.

Cheers, and thanks for the awesome work!

i’ve noticed several people, including myself :wink: , mention before in these forums that they’d bought a windows licence even though they don’t use windows, to support the linux work.

speaking of which, how is the linux build of 1.7.x coming along, lee?

That’s very kind of you anko & max. We’ve taken on board yours & others comments and finally added a donation page to the, for users like yourself who wish to support Scrivener on Linux - let’s see how we go.


I bought the Windows version waaaay back when.

I’d rather donate in a way that shows that it is the linux version I wish to support (buying the Windows license does not fulfil that).