barcode reading for ISBNs via iSight

Ok - this is pie in the sky… but for research purposes, this would be nice.

I actually own a bluetooth barcode scanner I got w/ myDelicious Library ( software, but initially, I used my iSight camera.

I was at the library yesterday and picked up some books for some research I need to do for my own book-writing project. It would be neat if I could just hold the barcode for UPC or ISBN right up to my iSight camera and have Scrivener pull up Amazon data on the books I’m pulling notes from and perhaps to auto-fill some basic footnote/bibliography information out for me.

Again, this is pie-in-da-sky wish. I can copy-paste from Delcious Monster, but not everyone has that software and it would be nice if it was included in Scrivener.

As always, Scrivener is already freakin’ awesome - no complaints - just wishing. :slight_smile:


I use DL to inventory books, music, and dvds. I found that using a camera to input codes was too slow. Amazon must search its entire site and build a long list of finds, many useless.

A faster route: open the Amazon site with your browser. Search the relevant section (Books, Music, DVD) with key terms, like “john ford stagecoach” or “conway road coorain”.

When Amazon finds the item, drag its URL to the DL far-right pane. In a few seconds, DL writes the entry and you make any needed revisions.

As for a DL-Scrivener connection, I’m for S as a writing tool, period. Leave room for other apps to work in their own ways.

I use Bookpedia to catalog my book collection. If you type in the ISBN it will search, cascade-style, a bunch of Amazon (US, UK, CA, etc.) sites as well as some other internet resources, to return info about the book/edition in question.


Is bookpedia a site or an app?

Bookpedia is an app:

Have been using it for six months. Looks and acts like iTunes. Without the music. I like it a lot.


Excellent. I already own a license for Delicious Library, but I’m going to check this out. Thanks!!

This is definitely a bit “blue sky” for Scrivener, I am afraid. :slight_smile:

I’d file it under “add applescript support” actually. Not that I’m biased :wink:

Thanks for the tip. It solves many of the problems I had with DL. I bought and downloaded the Pedia apps for books, music, and dvds.

It sounds like you found a good solution for your needs in Bookpedia, but let me recommend Booxter as well.

It’s beautifully done and, when I auditioned the various options a couple years ago, seemed the most solid of them all. However, all of these library apps tend to leapfrog each other . . . except DL, which frankly IMO gets by with a limited (and limiting) feature set on the strength of eye candy alone.


Thanks for the bookpedia suggestion … I think.

Now I can put off work by adding thousands of books to bookpedia, instead of by lurking on forums :wink: