Barely readable text on Index Cards

Capture.JPGUp until today, the text rendered on my index cards has been fine. If the print where on paper you would say that the printer is running out of toner or ink. Text in Any suggestions on how to correct this.

I’m having the same problem! So glad to see I’m not alone. I use Times New Roman 12 point in my editor window and am seeing a similar effect there. Text appears poorly rendered and distracting to read and work with. Binder directory text and document notes appear unaffected.

My laptop just uploaded a bunch of Windows updates a day or two ago, around the same time I first noticed this problem. Could it be related to that?

I’ve experienced a similar behavior when using certain non-native Windows fonts. Have you changed/updated your system fonts recently? Or have you changed the appearance settings to use other font for the corkboard?

This appears to have been caused by a recent Windows update, corrupting the Courier New font (the default for both the editor and the index cards). See this thread in the Microsoft community (which also references the Microsoft KB article on the update here). Rolling back that update or changing the font in Scrivener should fix the problem. You can change the default editor font following these directions and change the corkboard font from the Appearance section of Tools > Options.

It may be a good opportunity to stop using standard Courier anyway. There’s an interesting free replacement called Courier Prime.

Thank you, MimeticMouton, I changed the index card text to Final Draft Courier and all is well. :smiley:
r6d2, I downloaded Courier Prime and will have a look at it.
JJBlair, thanks for commenting. I agree, it is somewhat reassuring to see that others have the same issue.

Thanks for the fix, though I’m mystified as to why it impacted Times New Roman, a pretty standard font. Still, changed over to Candara, easy on the eyes, and am happy again!