Base font

If I want scrivener to load up to a specific font in the editor everytime I open it, how do I make this happen. I’m wondering about this in the iOS port too. Hope to hear from someone soon.

Menu: Scrivener -> Preferences -> Formatting

Click on the Aa to the left above the text field and choose font, size, etc. That’s it.

Is there a way to set this up on the iOS?

Thanks lunk by the way

oh nevermind. figured it out. sorry guys! thanks lunk again!

Scrivener -> Preferences -> Formatting allows you to define the Scrivener-wide default font.

Project -> Text Preferences allows you to override this setting on a per-project basis. If Scrivener seems to be ignoring the default font you’ve set in Preferences, look here, as there may be a setting associated with the particular template you’re using.

In the iOS version, tap the Formatting paintbrush, then Formatting Options. You’ll be able to set the default formatting to match whatever the current text uses.