Baseline problems

I have been using Scrivener for several years for many projects. Right now I am working with Greek and Hebrew texts. The use of the fonts works well. But in the critical apparatus in the New Testament, many of the manuscripts have superscript numbers/letters. (see attachment 1) But when I apply the superscripts in Scrivener, the first letter number is superscripted, but the second one is double superscripted (see attachment 2).

Is there any way to resolve the double superscripting?
Attachment 2.png
Attachment 1.png

Any ideas?

Any idea on how to get this correct?

I can’t provide much insight as I don’t know what font you are using, and I don’t see anything like that in the fonts I used. Beyond that thought, I’m wondering if the same exact procedure when replicated in TextEdit does anything different for you. That’s the first thing I would be checking anyway, as stuff like this is generally well below the point where Scrivener is programmed.

Thanks. I am using Adobe Minion Pro.

Tried it in TextEdit and same result as in Scrivener.

I have tried other fonts. A couple work (i.e., Cambria) except that then the superscript does not reduce in size (same happens in Text Edit).

Looks like I will use Mellel/NWP to get everything set properly then take a screen shot and insert into Scrivener. Not ideal, but will at least it will provide a short term solution.

Thanks for the suggestions.

If you’re seeing the same behavior in TextEdit, then you’ve encountered an issue with the underlying Mac OS text system that both Scrivener and TextEdit use.


Yep, I came to that conclusion, too.

Interestingly I don’t think NWP has the problem, which I thought used the Mac system.

Thanks, Katherine