Basic Compile Question

Hello all,

I’m writing a novel with Scrivener, and I’m very much a newbie. I’ve consulted the manual and built-in tutorial, but I’m still a bit confused on how to do exactly what it is I’m wanting. I have structured the book like this:

(Folder) A Chapter
–> (Document in Folder) A Scene
–> (Document in Folder) Another Scene
–> …scenes…
–> (Document in Folder) Last Scene
(Folder) Another Chapter
–> (Document in Folder) A Scene

So how would I get the document to compile so that each chapter (save the first one) begins with a page break, then the text “Chapter” left-justified at the top of the page, and then the chapter number, then space-hyphen-space, then the title of the first document/scene, followed by two carriage returns, then the scene number (“1”, in that case), centered, and then each successive scene in the folder/chapter the same way – two carriage returns and then the scene number, centered, until there are no more scenes, then (end of folder), then a page-break … then repeat for the next chapter/folder, until there are no more?

Even better would be a way to get all this to show up in Scrivenings mode, though I know that probably isn’t possible. Or is it? If somebody could walk me through setting up the above, step by step, it would kill two birds with one stone: It’d help me get my final ms. formatted just right, and it would help me learn my way around the Compile settings a little better.

I sincerely appreciate any help anyone can give. Thanks in advance!

–Andy H.


I had fun playing with this… I think I’ve got close to what you want, but it will probably need tweaking a bit!

First things first: you need the “All Options” tab in Compile.

Choose Contents in the sidebar and make sure every folder and document you want printed is ticked. No need for Pg Break Before and As-is to be ticked for these purposes.

Text separator = Empty line
Folder separator = Page break
Folder and text separator = Empty line
Text and folder separator = Page Break
Tick Insert page break before text documents with subdocuments

You need to highlight each line then to change prefixes etc, click Level Settings. To change formatting, select the relevant text itself - the formatting options will then become active.

So, select Level 1+ (Folder), make sure Title is checked. Text is unchecked.
Level Settings - Title Prefix and Suffix = Chapter <$t> —
NB: include the space after the hyphen, and if you want roman numerals, it would be <$n> not <$t>.
Select options in the other two tabs to taste.

Close the Level Settings dialogue, then in the text box below you should have “Chapter One — Title”. Select any text you want to reformat and use the formatting bar (e.g. to change the font or alignment, spacing etc of the title). Finally, change Page padding to the number of lines you want the Chapter heading to appear down the page. In the test document I’ve used 0.

Next, select Level 2+. Uncheck Title, check Text.
Level Settings: Prefix = <$position>.
In the text box, make sure that <$position> is centred.

That’s about it. These settings give me the following document - obviously I don’t know what fonts etc you want, but I think the format is close to what you’ve asked for, if I’ve understood it properly. Here’s a pdf of what I get:

I’m not an expert, so I was doing this to teach myself - there may be other ways of doing it, but I hope it will give you something to work on. I’ve had to rush through this explanation a bit (dog demanding a walk), so any questions, please let me know…



Just to let you know that we’re working on some in-depth videos on Compile at the moment, too, which should help users get a grasp on all of this.
All the best,

Wow, thanks a lot! That makes perfect sense, now that I look at it. I’m going to set that up in Compile and save it as a preset so I’ll always have it. Dude, you rock!

P.S. Keith – that would be terrific. Compile is a bit scary when seen with “All Options” activated for the very first time! With there being so many options and things to choose from, it’ll be great to have some videos on the subject!