Basic dumb question: Adobe Digital Editions page template


Can I have a problem if I compile an epub for iBooks selecting the “Include standard Adobe Digital Editions page template”?

I’m using it for Kobo, but as I’d like to generate just only one file, I need to know if this option affects the iPad rendering.

Thank you.

This should be switched off when creating an ePub for iBookstore, you will get validation errors with it included. It should be switched on for Kobo (I’m not 100% positive that uses the Adobe engine, but if it looks better for you then it may) and Nook, as it will improve the quality of the formatting. Unfortunately everyone has a different idea of how e-books should be created. :slight_smile:

Thank you, AmberV!

I also found this:

“- Added new option to the “Layout” pane of Compile for .epub exports: “Include standard Adobe Digital Editions page template”. If ticked, a page-template.xpgt file is included in the .epub file. In previous versions, this file (which makes the output look better in Digital Editions and on Sony devices) was included automatically; however, iTunes Producer now throws errors if this file is included, so it has been made optional and turned off by default.”

Source: … hange-log/

So, I have to test again to see if it really improves the Kobo epub rendering.

I just did some quick tests with my Kobo Mini, and it definitely does appear to be using the Adobe rendering engine. Without the stylesheet, the result looks rather ugly in my opinion. So Nook, Kobo, Sony and ADE itself all use that template. It’s probably a safe bet to use that option for anything other than Apple, as this appears to be a popular engine for smaller e-reader developers to use.