Basic List formatting

Hi. I love this software, esp. version 2. I understand your position about keeping formatting basic. I would also like to support people who would like to see a basic & fully-functional RTF editor in the Scrivener Editor.

But I would like to see something basic: an easy way to include bullet-point lists in a doc. I tried to create a Style that includes a bullet-point and a wrap-around format, but it’s always a two-click process. All I’m looking for is a way to create a Style that includes the bullet-point, to which I can then apply a Keyboard Shortcut. I hope this is possible…

Best regards

There is no need to create a style for this, you can just add a keyboard shortcut directly to the list style you prefer. You can customise shortcuts in OS X’s Keyboard preference pane. Just click on the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab in that pane, and then “Application Shortcuts” in the sidebar. For example (to add a shortcut to the regular bullet) follow these steps:

  1. Click the [b]+[/b] button below the right list
  2. Select Scrivener in the “Application” drop-down
  3. Type in “•” for the menu title, since that is how it is printed in Scrivener in the [b]Format/Lists/[/b] sub-menu.
  4. Click into the keyboard shortcut field, and then press the keys you wish to use for this shortcut. If you accidentally press the wrong keys, you can try again by clicking back in this field and press the right combination.
  5. Click the “Add” button.

Now switch back to Scrivener and give it a shot.

Thank you for such a speedy reply. Maybe I’m a little slow, but that is half the answer. I cannot find a way to format the bullet list. I mean I’m trying to create a bullet style that fits the rest of my formatting on the page (margins, tab stops, etc), but applying the bullet list just applies one default style, which I don’t seem to be able to edit. So it’s still a two-click process: one to apply the style and one to apply the bullet before it.

I hope this isn’t something trivial I missed. Many thanks for your help.

Ah, yes, if you are trying to style these things in the editor that is less convenient. The list code that Apple provides isn’t terribly flexible or easy to use externally (like saving into a Preset). If I were you, I would just ignore this detail and clean up all list styles in one shot with a stylesheet in a word processor after compiling. You can kind of mess with their styling in the Compile Formatting option pane. Lists in OS X are Text; with an offset to block wrap the text in a neat line. In my experience though, it’s kind of tough to do as the compiler can adjust the tab stops but not the indent settings.

I would second a bit more robust formatting of lists.

One of the great features of Scrivener is the ability to organize all sorts of non-compiled resources alongside text files. The most common sort of resource I use however is different types of notes to myself (such as “who to get feedback from”, “where to send”, etc.), many of which benefit greatly from lists. As a new user to Scrivener however, I’m finding that the formatting around lists, both bulleted and enumerated, is somewhat lacking and a bit inexplicably buggy (more likely that is due to my own ignorance of how the formatting works, but so far it has seemed a bit impenetrable).