Basic question about images

Hi, Sorry if this question sounds elementary but I didn’t find an easy to understand explanation in the tutorials or user manual. I know I can drag and drop images from the Research folder into a document or heading in the Draft folder, then compile an html file that includes a folder of images. But what is the best/easiest way to export a document that includes images to a .doc or .rtf format? (For example if you want to submit an article for publication and .doc format is required.) Many thanks.


You do it exactly the same. Just drop the image into the text document from the binder or Finder, or use Edit > Insert > Image From File…

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Thanks for your prompt reply. However for some reason it doesn’t work for me. When I compile the document and choose .doc format the exported document does not includes the images.


It will only work if you are using the advanced Aspose converters. You should be prompted to use these automatically, and to install Java if necessary (the advanced Word converters require Java to be installed). You must be on Scrivener 2.3 or above for this to work. If these converters aren’t available for some reason, the export is much more basic and won’t include images. In that case, export to RTF format instead, and open the RTF file in Word.

One thing to bear in mind, too, is that whether images show up or not depend on the program in which you open the file. TextEdit, for instance, will never show images when opening a .doc file.

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PROGRESS! The default application was set to TextEdit, but I tried opening it in Word, and it worked.

So that is great for when I’m using my work computer. But at home I only have Pages, not Word. I just tried and wasn’t able to open it in Pages. Do you know if there is a way to get the images to appear in Pages?

Thanks again, you have already helped a lot.

Will Nisus Writer Pro work better for this purpose? thanks

Simple answer in relation to Pages: yes!

NWP uses RTF as its native file format, and works extremely well with RTFs exported from Scrivener, at all levels, with footnotes/endnotes and annotations/comments. If you need binary .doc files to send to collaborators, editors, whoever, you must export from NWP rather than “Save as”; the only thing I find is that if you take an RTF exported from Scrivener and then exported it as .doc from NWP, if it contains comments, and things like strikethrough put in there by Scrivener, then that .doc does not display properly in Pages. I don’t have Word, so I don’t know how they would appear in Word.

The other thing I find (still) is that if you have a file with a number of floating text-boxes on every page, they can behave as if they have a mind of their own, moving their anchors around. This is something I must take up again with the good folks at Nisus.

On another, more general note, NWP has full grep search and replace, very powerful macro capabilities, and a very good and helpful support system.

Disclaimer: I’m in no way connected with Nisus, just a satisfied user for more years than I care to think about!


Thanks Mark! I just bought NWP.

I never liked either Word or Pages that much anyway. The one thing that kept me using Word was the outliner, but it looks like the NWP navigator pane should work just fine for that purpose.