Basic Question re Header

Newbie here. When I compile to a PDF the header on every page is what I named the Project. However, the book title has changed. How do I change the Header to be the book title? I am about to get prepublication quotes and I want the correct name of the book at top of each page. Thank you.


The easiest thing to do is use the Project/Meta-Data Settings... menu command, and click on the “Project Properties” tab. The top field should be all you need to fill out. This is of course also where you would go if you write under a pseudonym (the software uses your Mac address book entry otherwise).

If that doesn’t work, next time you compile click on the Page Settings option pane and check the header/footer fields. Older templates did not use a dynamic variable, and so the name may be static text in the header.

Just so you know, if it is the dynamic code, how that works is: if the Project Properties field is empty, it just uses the name of the project file as it is saved on the disk. So changing the name of the project itself would also accomplish this.

Thank you AmberV. Both solutions work.