Basic question: spacing before a style (Heading 1) during compile


I suspect that I will get a better conceptual sense of how compiling works after I get this question answered: I compiled a document into an ebook, but whenever there is a default text followed by a Heading 1, there is no additional space between them. I could add a line break in each case, but I suspect that’s not ideal. Changing the style in the editor doesn’t seem to change it in the compiled epub.

How do I get the style to behave the way I want in the compiled epub?

The compile format is probably set up to intercept your “Heading 1” style and transform it into something better for the format. To check it out, double-click on the compile format you are using in the left sidebar, and once you are in the Format Designer, click on the Styles section and look for heading styles in there. This is how the compiler can take something, say in 16pt Palatino, and turn it into 12pt Times New Roman for a manuscript format or whatever.

So in the formatting preview below the selected heading style, put your cursor in there, and then use the line spacing tool in the Format Bar to select “Other”. If you don’t see that, expand the window a bit. From there you can add spacing before or after the line, and adjust the amount of line-height as well.