Basic questions about syncing with iOS

Background for my issue:

  • I had not used Scrivener before

  • I downloaded Scrivener for both my iPhone and iPad

  • As of now I have created one project on the iPhone and a different project for the iPa

  • I turned on drop box syncing in both places

  • I see that when I did this an Apps/Scrivener folder appeared in my dropbox

  • However, neither project appears in that folder
    Question 1: Am I doing something wrong? Or do I need Scrivener for Mac in order to enable syncing?

  • Next, I bought Scrivener for Mac

  • I can’t see anything in preferences for setting up syncing to dropbox
    Question 2: Did I miss it?

  • When I go to “File -> Sync” all options are greyed out
    Question 3: Is this because I don’t have anything created in the Mac version yet?

Last (and most important question): How do I get the projects I already created on the iPhone and iPad to sync with each other and with MacOS Scrivener?

If you have dropbox set up for your iOS Scrivener installations, there will be a “DROPBOX” section of your projects list in Scrivener. You have to move your projects to that section by tapping “Edit” on the main screen and then dragging from “On my iPad” to the “DROPBOX” section. If you don’t see this DROPBOX section on your iOS Scrivener screen, then read through the Tutorial on your iOS device to get details on how this setup is done.

Once you do that, you sync EVERY TIME you pick up your iDevice and load scrivener, and EVERY TIME you put it down before moving to the next device/computer with Scrivener on it. When at that other device/computer, you make sure sync is done before opening the project… and repeat.

On Mac, there is no built-in Dropbox feature–the only reason it’s built into Scrivener for iOS is… for technical reasons we don’t need to get into here. On your mac, visit in your browser, log on using the same userid & password you used to set up Dropbox on iOS Scrivener, and then click your name in the upper right corner of the web page and choose “Install”. Install and configure the software that downloads. You will end up with a Drobox folder on your computer, including the Apps/Scrivener folder.

File->Sync->With Mobile Devices is there to ensure that any automatic syncing done on your computer is complete before you continue working on your project on your Mac–it’s usually not needed though, since Dropbox for Macs (and Windows computers for that matter) works automatically.

Very helpful answer! Thanks. I now have both the iPhone and the iPad projects visible to each other.

I’m still a little unsure on the Mac side though. Is it that I simply use dropbox as the location for my projects?

Yes. Specifically, any project that you want to share between the Mac and an iOS device should be in the folder you configured on the device. Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener is the default.