Basic questions

I’ve just got the iOS version of Scrivener, and I’ve installed Dropbox on my iPad (I already had it on my Mac).

I also hit the sync button in Scrivener on the Ipad and it created a Scrivener folder in Dropbox.

But how do I get my current open Scrivener project on my Mac, open in Scrivener on my iPad? I clicked the sync button on the Mac Scrivener, and it came up no changes, but didn’t save anything to dropbox.

Do I have to manually save my project on my Mac, to dropbox? what happens from then on? will the Mac Scrivener, auto back up to dropbox or to my Mac?

You need to locate the project(s) on your Mac and move it (them)—through Finder—into the Scrivener folder inside Dropbox. Close Scrivener on your Mac before you move the project. You then work from the project stored inside Dropbox. Assign backups in Scrivener for Mac using the settings in Preferences > Backup.

Could I also do “save as” on the Mac, to the Scrivener dropbox folder, and then from then on it would auto back up to that dropbox folder from the mac?

That would create a discrete copy in Dropbox.

The original project would not update the Dropbox copy, and changes on iOS would not appear in the original project stored outside of Dropbox.

To use Scrivener for Mac and iOS together, you have to work with projects stored inside Dropbox (unless you use iTunes to sync files manually).

I just did “save as” in Scrivener on the Mac to the Scrivener dropbox folder, and then did sync on the ipad, and it loaded the current project. Then I made a change in the Scrivener on the iPad, and did the “Sync now” option (bottom right) and then did “mobile sync” in Scrivener on the Mac, and the change I did on the iPad appeared on my Mac (after scrivener closed itself down and restarted).

I then did the reverse. Made another change on the Mac scrivener, hit “save” (not save as, because I’ve already saved the Mac scrivener project to the dropbox folder with save as), and went back to the iPad, then back to projects and hit the sync button and it loaded the 2nd change I did to the iPad scrivener.

I didn’t need to move the folder, just using “save as” seemed to work. So hopefully I’m good to go! :slight_smile: it’s also setup in preferences to save backups locally to the Mac.

Joy. If you work on the project stored in Dropbox, everything should remain in sync.

Happy writing.

You don’t even have to do a manual Save on the Mac, because Scrivener automatically saves every time you stop writing for a few seconds.

Just to stress Briar Kit’s point: Doing a Save as… means that you made a new copy of the project which you put into the Dropbox iOS-sync-folder, which int turn means that you have the original version of the project somewhere else, and that one will not reflect any changes made from now on. The risk of doing this is that when you later on decide to take a brake from the project for a while and then come back to it, you find this original version, which does not contain any of the work you will be putting into the project from now until you pause, and then you panic and wonder why Scrivener has deleted all your work. There has been such posts in here from time to time…

Thanks for the extra warning. I’ve done something similar a few times when working in word, when I’ve spent a few hours editing a manuscript just to release at the end that I’ve done the changes on an older version of the book! Hopefully now though with it just being one version in the cloud, that shouldn’t happen.

You don’t have to cite in all your posts. They are all part of the same thread… :wink:

And your new version is not “in the cloud”. It’s on your Mac in the folder named Dropbox. The only diffrerence is that there is also a copy on the Dropbox server and on your iPad.