basic questions

Hi I am trying the latest version,. How do I get the tutorial to not be opened everytime I go in? I would like to have the project I am working on to open. Also what is typewriting scrolling? Thanks Paula

Typically, Scrivener will re-open the projects that were open when you closed the program. So if the Tutorial is open and your own project is not, that’s what you’ll get.

Typewriter scrolling keeps the current line at a constant location on the screen, while with standard scrolling you’ll move down the screen as you type.


Hello PGH,
Go to options F12 and look in under the General section. You can set how the program behaves there. I prefer “Show start panel when there are no programs opened.” That way you can pick a project to work on. Don’t forget to untick Reopen projects that were open on quit.

If you no longer need the tutorial, you can just delete or rename it outside of Scrivener itself. That’s what I did.