Basic writing - must hit return key to go to next line

So I’m a newby - using a trial download. But i just spent 2 days going through the entire tutorial so i would be able to jump in and use Scriverners with a little bit of knowhow. well right off - i’m in the nonfiction manuscript, trying to just simply type my trip’s journal, and all i can do is type a single line. when i reach the right margin, the cursor sticks there. if i hit return then it will go to the next line but it capitalizes the first word as though i’m starting a new sentence. UGHHHH i have looked and looked in all the formatting menu’s i can find…what gives??? :frowning:

So i’m getting around this strange glitch by going into Word - and starting the first couple lines of my writing. save it and then import into Scrivener’s. that way it seems to save the formatting and then i can continue typing normally. ughhh any thoughts?

Does the nonfiction template have a title line or something like that? It sounds like the template is expecting you to start with some sort of specially formatted text, then the second line is “normal.”

You might try creating a new subdocument, or even a new project based on the standard (blank) template.


well good idea. so i tried it. went in and created a completely new project, using the blank template, ie no formating. and did same thing. in the nonfiction template it had all the beginning documents, like introduction, table of contents, etc. and i skipped down to the body and started creating text documents. and regardless of how i do them - they all refuse to continue after hitting the right margin. unless i copy and paste the first few lines from a Word document. then the formatting continues and i can type with a normal return. to create the next “chapter” or text document, i create the document, then go back to previous one that had the formatting from Word - type the first couple lines. then cut and paste it to new document where i want it. very frustrating.


Have you changed your default formatting in the “Formatting” pane of the Preferences at all? Or have you changed any of the “Editor” options?

Try going into the preferences and clicking on “Defaults” to reset everything, then try typing in a new project again.

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Sweet!! that fixed it. i think the only changes i’d made in Preferences were when the tutorial took me there. but who knows - maybe i wandered in there myself and did something. anyway when i reset it to defaults - it fixed it!! thanks soooooo much.

just for that i’m gonna go ahead and go online and buy it. have been playing around with the trial download - but it’s soooo inexpensive and other than this little glitch i’ve loved it.

thanks again - both of you!!


Glad that helped! And thanks for wanting to buy - just let us know if you have any more questions, we’re always lurking around here. :slight_smile:

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