Basilisk 2


Just thought I’d point out this excellent tutorial on using Basilisk 2, which allows you to run classic OS apps on an Intel machine: … el-macbook

Using this tutorial and downloading the files linked there, I got Three by Five working on my MacBook Pro:

(I have long said that when I get some time I would love to create a Three by Five clone for OS X - maybe next year. :slight_smile: )

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I’ve never used Basilisk II, but I’ve been using SheepShaver for a while now. Does anyone know which one is better (or at least the pros/cons of each one)?

Personally I couldn’t get SheepSaver up and running, whereas this tutorial helped me get Basilisk going straight away. If you’ve got SheepSaver working, I don’t think there is much difference. My problem was that I don’t have an old OS 9 CD, which SheepSaver requires, as I converted to Mac during Panther; Basilisk provides a very easy OS 7 set up.
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Yeah, SheepShaver does have to have that disc…fortunately I’ve still got mine (and my System 8 disc, and my System 7.5 disc…heck, even my old 7.0 on 3.5 floppies).

It’s been a while since the MacOS could be installed from five or six 1.4 MB floppies :slight_smile: .

Keith, if you did that, I would be the first in line to put down cold hard cash.

And if there was an import option into Scrivener? Heaven.

No, Heaven would be if there was a 3x5 module ADDED to Scrivener!
:smiley: 8) :smiley:

(I thought I was the only person who still used 3x5 under Classic!)

Why does no one ever want to pay in warm, wet cash?

Wet bills tear easily…Stick with coin.