Batch add keywords?

If I have a list of words/phrases I’d like to add to a project as keywords (taken, as it happens, from a list of “tags” in DevonThink, but could in principle be from anywhere) is there a way to batch add them? It’s one keyword per line in a plain text document.

Only way I see in project keywords, so far as I can tell, only allows you to add one keyword at a time, either as a sibling or child. Dragging and dropping into keywords for a dummy scrivening mashes them all together into one long super-keyword.

Also, comma delimiting could be problematic, as many of these are of the form “LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME” which is useful for both alphabetical ordering and ultimately indexing purposes.


Any tips appreciated! Quite possible I’m missing something obvious. Tried searching here to see if this had come up but couldn’t find anything.

One keyword per line should indeed be working fine, but make sure you are dragging into the floating project keyword panel (Shift-Cmd-K) rather than assigning them to a particular document this way, via the Inspector. There is an oversight in the Inspector that causes them all to become one long keyword if dragged there.