Batch change "include in compile"

I can’t figure out how to chang “include in compile” for multiple items at once. It is simple to change labels and statuses for multiple items using the contextual menu, and seems like the same should be true for “include in compile,” which is an even simpler bit of metadata. I frequently find that I only want to compile half of a chapter, which might mean two or three top-level folders out of four, but I’m only able to select a single folder in the Compile dropdown. I usually use a different text item for each paragraph, so it is a lot of work to uncheck dozens of individual items. I’ve been creating a temporary “compile” folder and moving the work I want into it to select in the Compile interface, but I’m not really comfortable with moving my text around so much.

Is it possible to batch change the “include in compile” option? Or to make the selection for a folder apply to subfolders?

Thank you!

In the “contents” pane of Compile, hold down the Option key while clicking on one of the checkboxes. This will apply the setting to everything in the list. You can do the same in the outliner view.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thank you! I knew there must be an easy way to do this!