Batch changes in labels and status + typewriter 'on'


I apologize if this has been raised earlier, I couldn’t find it.

As I’m trying out Scrivener while writing a scientific paper (yes, another PhD here), I came across the following: is there a way to change the label and status of multiple documents at once?

I’m still trying to find the best way of using Scrivener so after importing my Word version, I started out with one long document. I slowly discovered the advantages of breaking it up in smaller pieces. And a post in this forum pointed me to the benefit of using the label color coding in the outline to mark the status. This means I have to redo my labeling and status. I’m sure this will happen more often as I’m finding my preferred use of Scrivener.
So I’d like to see the option of changing the label and status of all selected documents at once.

Another minor thing: would it be possible to change the typewriter icon to indicate the ‘on’ and ‘off’ mode? I know it’s visible in editor because of it’s behaviour, but sometimes I got the impression that it didn’t work. Knowing the status would be helpful in figuring out if there’s a problem or me just being stupid.

Thanks for this wonderful software.

Select them all, right click (or ctrl-click if you don’t have a right mouse button) and choose a label or status from the available menu.

Hmm, now it works. I’m sure I’ve tried a similar thing before writing this here, but it didn’t work then.


No problem.

I like the easy ones!