Batch Changes in Otliner

Hi There -

Just upgraded to Scrivener 3 and restarting a paused book project. :confused:

I would like to change my chapter status and subdoc status in Outliner and since there are a hundred or so to change, I would rather not do them all individually. Is there a way to change or delete all the status entries in the column at the same time? Thanks.

Also, again in Outliner, one chapter title randomly displays with colored text. It’s not like this the Binder, etc, and I don’t seem to be able to reformat the font in Outliner, Editor or Corkboard… any thoughts on this?

Thanks so much, David

Hi David, You can select multiple documents in the outliner (or binder or corkboard) and then use the context menu to change their status. If you’re trying to change everything, make sure all the levels are fully expanded in Outliner (View > Outline Expand all or Cmd-9 will work for this), then you can use Cmd-A to select all and make the changes. The context menu will also let you change the label and section type for multiple items and list-type custom metadata.

As for the title appearance, you can set a distinct colour for group titles (i.e. folder titles and, if they’re set to be treated as folders in the Behavior preferences, document groups), so that’s likely what you’re seeing. You can adjust this and other outliner font settings in Scrivener > Preferences > Appearance >Outliner,

Thanks MM

The Outliner solution you suggested worked great!

Still having trouble with the text formatting of the one folder title though. I found the Scrivener > Preferences > Appearance >Outliner setting you mentioned, and it does show a blue color as the default. But then why is only one title blue and not the others? I tried Ungroup and no change to the font. Maybe a blunt workaround will be to copy the text into new folders and delete the mismatched one… unless you have another suggestion?

I’d guess that the one showing in blue is a folder, rather than a document. Both can have text or subdocuments; the difference is mainly their default view when opening in the editor and their distinct section type settings–and appearance options like this. :slight_smile: Try right-clicking that item in the outliner and see if “Convert to file” is an option. If it is, you can freely click it to switch this item to match those you’re comparing to, or if you’d rather, select the others and convert them to folders.

Yay! That did it. Convert to file was the key.


Great! Glad you’ve got it the way you want it now. :slight_smile: