Batch editing custom meta-data in Outliner

I’d like to be able to universally assign some of my custom meta-data to a group of selected entries in the Outliner, so that I can then sort by column for each category. This would save the laborious manual entry in the meta-data window of every single custom item. Is there a way to do batch editing within the Outliner for custom meta-data?

There isn’t a way of doing that with this form of meta-data. This feature was designed for a different sort of usage than that; as described in the user manual (pg. 112; emphasis added):

That won’t be changing for this particular type of meta-data going forward, but we plan to introduce more types.

Thanks for clarifying. In reply, I’ll put forward an appeal to give the same batch-select-and-apply function that label and status have to all meta-data, including custom meta-data. In writing historical fiction, it’s useful to create custom meta-data for research (for time, location, source, etc) that often varies, but can be common enough to many files — so that having batch-select-apply would be more efficient than individual entries. Having some of the functionality of an Excel spreadsheet in the Outliner would be fabulous.