Batch Import of Research Files as Aliases...

Hi, I am trying to import 330 research files (PDFs in a papers 2 library) as aliases using:

Import -> Research Files as Aliases…

The import dialogue doesn’t allow for multiple selections nor scan a directory for PDFs. The file structure of the papers library is a little unfriendly for this process of adding files one by one.

Have I missed something, or can I import a directory structure / or multiple files as ‘aliases’?


Ian Grant

Actually you should be able to select many items in the import dialogue for this feature. Is the problem that Papers is sorting PDFs into individual sub-folders? If so, try running a Spotlight search constrained to the Paper’s root storage folder to extract all PDF type files. Once you’ve done that, save the search into your Finder sidebar. Now you can in Scrivener load up the import as aliases dialogue, select that Spotlight search, and grab them all.

That worked a treat! Thanks AmberV!