Batch Meta-data


I see that, in outliner view, “Label” or “Status” can be batch added, but custom meta-data appears not to be. Is it possible? I have several hundred items I’d like to modify at once.



No, this isn’t possible, because custom meta-data only has freeform entry at the moment, so it would be difficult to provide a way of entering text that will be assigned to a all documents (well, I can think of ways, but they’re pretty ugly). For version 3.0, we would like to provide some different types of meta-data field, so I’ll put this on the list to ensure this is made capable for custom fields that can support it.

Incidentally, are you using Label and Status as well? Is there no way you could use either the Label or Status for the fields you need set values for?

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Thanks for the reply!

I suppose I could use Status to do what I want. It is funny how one thing occurs to you and another doesn’t. Thanks for putting it on the list, too.

HOW can that be done?

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Never mind. Select the documents, right-click, and select Status.


Yeah, and just to clarify that isn’t an Outliner mode only thing. You can do match meta-data operations in any view that allows you to select multiple items. That includes search result lists and so forth.