Batch rename items in Binder?

How can one in a single step rename the names of selected items (documents / folders) in the Binder? E.g. remove the first / last 5 chars of the name of the items or add a string or replace “http” with “www” and so on?

I do not believe you can accomplish that in the Binder.

So long as you’re thinking along the lines of text replacement, then the Edit/Find/Project Replace… command is capable of isolating its results to the Title field alone. This won’t let you insert or arbitrarily remove a number of characters naturally, but the www => www bit would be possible.

Oh and it is for now global, not based on selection; more options are planned for (including, hopefully, regular expressions, which would do all of what you want).

Thank you very much devinganger and AmberV,

Very great.

Okay, not by selection, it’s a pity.

I assume, (a kind of) preview of what will be replaced is not available and a display of the amount of strings / titles which will be replaced or are replaced.

More options, fine.

Many thanks again

There is no preview, it’s a pretty simple user interface for that feature. In most cases a preview would not be practical or useful—setting it to only impact titles is an edge case, most people use it to trawl through every string in the project.

Alright, thank you very much